The beach of Agios Isidoros with its unique pebbles is one of the cleanest beaches of Lesvos, best suited to those who enjoy a good swim.

Environmental sensitivity, clean water and the environment, safety and nature, guarantee moments of enjoyment.

The above reasons led to the declaration of the 7th best beach in Greece, an online vote under “Clean Shores”
The Nature Protection Agency has been awarding continuously since 1992 and giving the right to hang there, the blue flag of Europe.

You can enjoy sitting on the sunbeds under the umbrellas when you visit the beach of Agios Isidoros, where they watch the sea in its various forms throughout the day and are fascinated by the enchanting sunset at the end of the day.

You can also go swimming, kayaking, diving and boating, in addition to sitting at the local restaurants overlooking the sea while visiting the beach.

Other beaches:

Amoudeli Beach: Amoudeli is a pebbly beach located 300 meters from the central square of Plomari and 40 km southwest of Mytilini. It is one of the most picturesque ports of Lesvos. It is surrounded by a rocky landscape with short plantations and tall pines. The beach is not organized but offers wild beauty and therefore a wonderful atmosphere. The waters are crystal clear and shallow for a few meters before deepening. Visitors are impressed by the idyllic setting created by the natural beauty of the location. There is a beach bar in front of the beach and some fish restaurants a short walk away.

Melinda Beach: The sandy beach of Melinda is located 6 km southwest of Plomari. It is a long beach with pure golden sand and waters like mirrors. There you will find taverns and cafes!