Welcome to Sandy Bay Hotel at Agios Isidoros, Plomari, Lesvos Island, Greece

The Capital of Ouzo

Experience the signature Greek culture that lives on through generations. Accompanied by the most famous Ouzo in the world with traditional meze. The beach is on the south side of Lesvos and because of its surroundings, hardly any wind will come through. As a result, the waters are calm and relaxing, friendly for every swimmer.

Commonly referred to as the most authentic town on the island. It’s the go-to destination for the majority of visitors. With most other destinations being as far as 10km away, it also serves as a safe hub to explore more of the island and its intricacies.

There are many activities that you can do in the truly wonderful natural environment of the Plomari area

Special marked routes will offer you images that will gather you and introduce you to unique natural beauties of the area.

Horse riding
On the calm horses of a specialized farm, you can admire the beauties of the area.

Mountain bike
Special marked mountain bike routes for all ages and all levels. Bicycles can also be found in most hotels in the area.

Climbing flat rock in the form of “sport” climbing into “tracks”, ie predefined and often premarked routes.

Walk the wonderful nature trails and discover the natural beauty of our region.